Posted by Ansel Dooley on Dec 04, 2017
Jeanne Knopf DeRoche visited the club today to update us on the School Project in Ghana.
John Kowalski started our meeting today on time.  We are sad to have the loss of one of our long time members Gregory Gatto and Mary the wife of Roland Leist this week.
The following are a few announcements:
  • Specifics on services and memorial details for our members will be in following emails this week as the information becomes available.
  • The club plans to send representatives to the new Plymouth After Hours Rotary Charter Night this Thursday at 6:00 pm at AQUA .
  • A Christmas gift present exchange was discussed with a gift valued at $25-$30 from each Club member with a grand prize gift valued at $100.  It was proposed by Ken and confirmed by the club for the Christmas party this month.
  • Senior baskets are due for assembly on Dec. 11th; ask John if you need a backup list.  Note that we pack them in our next meeting.  The club is targeting 55 total.
  • See the scheduled events and speakers here on this web page for the latest updates.
Jeanne brought in a new gift catalog that she just recently created for sponsors to purchase the items listed to complete the school in Ghana.  About $15K is still needed to wrap up the project and the beta catalog looked quite nice from the club's preview.  Note that the Canton Club and Canton Foundation has committed funds to support the effort there.
There is no Sergeant today as it is an informal night session, but feel free to order what you want on the menu.