Posted by Ansel Dooley on Nov 27, 2017
Topic Today: "2017 Update for the Canton Historical Society" by Director Jordan McCulloch."
John Kowalski started our meeting today on time after a brisk board meeting today.  The following are a few announcements:
  • The sign up list for the bell ringing is circulating.
  • The Salvation Army sent the club a nice thank you letter for it's support on the November food drive.
  • Senior baskets are due for assembly on Dec. 11th.
  • See the scheduled events and speakers here on this web page for the latest updates.
  • Note that our next meeting will be an evening meeting starting at 6:00pm at Antonio's.
Jordan started her presentation with a background of her experiences and education with the Historical Society.  She then discussed some of the new displays and exhibits that are popular in Canton, and she followed up with some research findings for some of the old local families here.  She then discussed new programs with the Society including outreach efforts, scholarship possibilities, and continued future support groups.  This was then followed up by membership along with our own living history Founder member, Bill Brown's excellent memory skills.  We thanked her for her attendance and the club presented her with a Rotary pen and a coin inscribed with Rotary's "4-Way Test".
Check out the Canton Historical Society's web site for holiday activities coming up here at:
The club then gathered to give our long standing and beloved member Greg Gatto a phone call to wish him well, and to let  him know that we are thinking of  him.
Ken was our Sergeant today and he collected well for the club today and got our members to tell some good stories.  Ansel ran the 50/50 and we had John take a shot at he Ace, but it stayed in the shrinking deck.  Pizza was served today.