Posted by Ansel Dooley on Feb 25, 2019


We met today at the L A Bistro with Peace Officers Lt. Mike Kennedy and Patty Esselink of Canton and Linda Searles of the Thin Blue Line USA.


President Sue Kowalski started our meeting on time here at the L.A. Bistro:


First, few short announcements:


  • March 5th - Fat Tuesday Dinner at the Belleville Rotary Club.
  • March 9th is the "Dump and Donate" event at Achieve Charter Academy.  Please see Sarah if you have more questions or want to coordinate with her on the event.
  • March 30th - Westland Club Magic Show.
  • April 13th - Dearborn Heights Club Mardi Gras Party.
  • Bill Brown had a follow up interview for his WWII service with CBS.  Stay tuned and see this link if you missed the first one.

  • District grant training is ongoing, starting this week.  Please remember to register at the District 6400 web site if you plan to go.

  • May 10th-12th is District Conference - Caesars Windsor for 2019.

  • Rotary Cake Today! - Rotary is 114 years old.

Linda Searles of the Thin Blue Line USA (a local Canton Business) opened the floor with a presentation on the history and development of the Thin Blue Line program for a lot of communities to support their local police officers and first responders.  This also included the evolution of the U.S. based symbols, the physical reminders and tokens commonly used today from the arm band/logos to the very nice watch, and the supporting organizations such as COPS.
We then heard from Lt. Mike Kennedy and Patty Esselink of the Police Department right here in Canton.  They discussed some of the support systems for the Police Department that included the Police Benevolence Fund, scholarships, charitable giving, events and awards in Canton, Police Week (coming up in May), and the "Canton Cares" program.  They then fielded some good Q/A on the structure and education of new police officers here in the township.  Here is a link for P.D. Canton and you may see some names and people you have met here in the past (not at the light or stop sign of course).  Be safe and wise out there on the roads with the 4-way test everyone.
Sgt. John Kowalski took good notice of the club today and leveled a fair $1 fine with good Rotary trivia today for it's birthday (lunch followed with cake for desert treat).