Posted by Ansel Dooley on May 20, 2019
Our President Sue led us today in our planning session for the Area 5 Picnic which will be held on May 39th, and some other new event updates.


President Sue Kowalski started our meeting on time here at the L.A. Bistro and led the group today in our planning session:


First, few short announcements:

  • Area 5 Picnic on May 30th, please reply to Sue's email for count.
  • Tree Dedication in the Heritage Park for Mildred Brown is planned for June 3rd, meet at Veterans' park section at 5:30pm.
  • Just a reminder to let Sue know if you cannot attend for lunch (for an accurate count for the restaurant).
  • No meeting on Memorial Day.
  • Discussion on Packages of Food with 6400 Windsor Roseland Club (NID's).
  • Discussion on Penny Joy Hygiene Project.
  • School Tour and Rotary Stop discussion.
  • Our Guest speaker of July 29th is Paula Talbet - Assistant District Gov. in Canada (mark your calendars).
Sue gave the club an update on the Nigeria Polio situation and displacement camps.  The Rotary is still having a time getting access to some of the most remote and violent places where the disease remains encamped.
Ken was our good sergeant today and improvised very well for the program.  John ran our 50/50, but no winner yet.