Posted by Susan Kowalski on Jun 14, 2019
This year we celebrated Canton Township's Annual Liberty Fest by manning the Canton Rotary Beverage Tent.  This is our major fundraiser of the year for us, and allows us to carry out many charitable projects.
At our meeting on June 10th we finalized plans for the Beverage Tent and for our work schedules.  It was "all hands on deck" as we readied the plans for this major fundraiser.  The first day of the event was June 13th; however, due to the inclement weather, the festivities for the day were cancelled.  On Friday, June 14th, we tried again.  Success!  The weather cooperated, and we were able to operate a full day of activity with good attendance and a happy crowd of beer drinkers.  We were looking forward to Saturday; however, the weather, while basically dry, was rather overcast and chilly.  Everyone still enjoyed the day and the fireworks though!  Thank you to all of our visitors.  We look forward now to planning our projects for the coming year and to spending our funds to help the local community and the world.  Thanks everyone!