Posted by Susan Kowalski on Sep 23, 2019
Today we installed The Canton Rotary Club's first Corporate Member, the Wayne Westland Community School District represented by Dr. Andrae Townsel as the Primary Designee. 
We started our program with the Pledge of Allegiance, Rotary toasts to The Queen (we are and international district), the Office of President of the United States, and to the greatest service organization in the world - Rotary International.   Dean delivered the invocation, and President Lisa introduced our guests - District Governor John Chambers, Jennifer Franz from Canton Township Leisure Services, Dr. Andrae Townsel - new member, Mark Miller - new member, Mrs. Amanda Dybus - new member, and Past District Governor Jim Karolyi. 
Sue Kowalski talked about a past project that we helped complete in India with the combined help of the Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club who led the project, the Adrian Morning Rotary Club, and The Rotary Club of Plymouth.  A bore well was completed near Chennai India to bring water to a small village.  While working on that project, Aruna Koushik, the representative from the Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club who was on site during the project, got acquainted with a gentleman who served as the desk clerk at her hotel.  She found out that he was a polio survivor with a wife and two children who was facing mandatory retirement with a minimal income very shortly.  He was very worried about how he would support his family, and he had looked into purchasing an auto rickshaw, a three wheel vehicle which he can drive and take passengers from point A to point B.  That would continue to make him economically independent and sustain his family.  However, the purchase price was well beyond his means at $3,540.  Aruna has asked our Club and the other clubs who sponsored the original bore-hole well to donate the money left over from that project, due to the frugality of the project head, to purchasing this auto rickshaw.  That will leave $965 still needed for the final funding of the rickshaw.   Aruna is currently working on final funding for this project.
Today we installed our newest member, Wayne Westland Community School District represented by Dr. Andrae Townsel as the Primary Designee, Mr. Mark Miller as a Secondary Designee, and Mrs. Amanda Dybus as a Secondary Designee.  Mrs. ShaVonna Johnson will also be a Secondary Designee but was not able to attend today.  She will be installed at a later day.  Sue Kowalski served as sponsor to the group.  We welcome our new Corporate Member and the designated representatives.  We are excited to have you as part of our Rotary Club and look forward to working with you on our projects and enjoying fellowship with you as we get better acquainted with each of you.
Lunch today was family style almond chicken, a vegetable medley, hummus with fresh mini pita bread, pasta with blush sauce, and salad.