Posted by Ansel Dooley on May 13, 2019
We are joined again today by Matthew Bertrand from Friends of the Rouge.


President Sue Kowalski started our meeting on time here at the L.A. Bistro.


First, few short announcements:

  • Note that Lobsterfest is around the corner courtesy of Windsor Roseland Club - May 31st Friday.
  • Area 5 Picnic on May 30th, reply to Sue's email for count.
  • Tree Dedication in the Heritage Park for Mildred Brown is planned for June 3rd, meet at Veterans' park section - June 3rd.
  • Our Club donated 21 backpacks to the Salvation Army for the Windsor-Essex Area Schools at our District Conference on May 10th.
  • Just a reminder to let Sue know if you cannot attend for lunch (for an accurate count for the restaurant).
  • Board meeting next week!
Sue and John also gave the club their review of the District Conference held in Windsor this last weekend.  This included a "King of the Road" passport patch for out banner and a Hedke Membership Award Certificate.  We had a good turnout as 4 members plus one spouse (Mike Kennedy) went.
Our speaker Matthew has joined us again today for an update on new Rain Garden activities as many of us in SE Michigan are all getting flooded this year.  He also spoke to us on new sponsorship opportunities and reviewed the latest activities for the State of Michigan in our area for Rain Gardens and flood control.  Check them out at
Larry O. was our good sgt. today and he had a good session to honor the veterans as well.