Posted by Ansel Dooley on Sep 24, 2018


Ken M. was our guest speaker today who gave us a discussion of 2018 events at Schoolcraft College and the impact of the upcoming November Ballot Initiative.


President Sue Kowalski rang us in on time again today.  First, a few short announcements and also a check of the calendar in Club Runner:


  • New District Rotary Theme pins are available, please see Bill T. or Sue if you need one.

  • Oct. 1st - Tentative date for the Past President's Golf Outing and Dinner is confirmed, golf at 2:00 pm and Dinner at 6:00 pm.

  • Oct. 24th - World Polio Day - 9 am - 12:00 pm at Holiday Market.  The sign up sheet is circulating. Our goal is to collect $200 in donations for Polio Plus.

  • Nov. 3rd - "Kids Against Hunger" Event at WCCC, 9555 Haggerty Rd., Belleville MI – Bell Ringing Tentative at Holiday Market.

  • Nov. 19th – Pot luck is planned for Thanksgiving at the Cherry Hill School.

  • Dec. 1st - Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Busch's Market in Canton.

  • May 10th of 2019 for the Radar - Next Years District Conference In Windsor at Caesars - Friday (night) / Saturday / return Sunday.  Super affordable for 2 at $1050 for this location.


Ken M. addressed the club today on behalf of Schoolcraft College. He discussed the history and impact of funding for the college along with the upcoming vote for the Nov. 6th Ballot. This will include a proposal to restore the millage amendment that voters in this school district need to be aware of.  The school controller, John Lamb, also discussed more about the financial planning and forecasting details and they answered several questions of the club and residents of Canton.


They also fielded some other questions on current resources of the college that included manufacture based training in technologies that included the CNC training, plastic mold injection, and welding programs. They also support public service career degrees in police, fire, and nursing. We thanked them for coming to speak to us to day and pizza was served.


Kevin ran the 50/50 as Chuck (visitor) got the 5 of diamonds. Ansel received a Paul Harris 2nd sapphire pin from PDG Ed Schulz for his dedication to the Rotary International Foundation.