Posted by Ansel Dooley
Topic Today: "Adopt an Angel Program" with the Salvation Army.
John Kowalski opened our meeting on time today and we had the following announcements:
  • The Sign-up sheets for the Polio Purple Pinkie Day and the Salvation Army December Bell Ringing are circulating.  Please let John or Sue know if you can serve, but have not signed up yet.
  • Salvation Army food drive - Our club target is stove top stuffing and try to bring in 30 boxes each if possible for the November 13th Meeting.
  • The sign-up for Fruit boxes are also circulating via the Fairlane Sunrise Club (c/o John Williams by Anita & Tracy Kalmar).
  • Thanksgiving Dinner was discussed at the club and confirmed planned for the 20th of November as done last year.
Our guest speaker today was Christian Smith as Project Ministry Coordinator for the Plymouth Salvation Army.  He spoke today to the club on the "Adopt an Angel Program" for the Canton/Plymouth/Belleville area.  This is a Christmas Holiday toy gift program for needy families.
As we do some good work with the Salvation Army there, please check them out  at:
No Sergeant today (whew).  And once again this month, President John got a shot at the 50/50, but got the Jack of hearts.  Fresh Italian pasta with chunky tomato sauce was the main dish today.