Posted by Ansel Dooley
Topic Today:  Human Trafficking in the U.S.
John Kowalski opened our meeting on time today.  In addition to the speakers and events scheduled in our new calendar (please check it out), we discussed the following topics:
  • Lisa gave the club an update on the results of the District Golf Outing event.
  • Salvation Army food drive - The club reviewed the list and Lisa will follow up on a possible designated item (like stuffing).  The club also received a thank you note for the last backpack fundraiser there.
  • The Windsor Roseland Club is looking for donations for mosquito netting via the Polio+ drive and our club will participate.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner was discussed at the club and tentatively planned for the 20th of November as done last year.
Our guest speakers today were David and Sarah Han from NorthRidge Church and the topic was human trafficking.  They spoke to the club on the rapid increase in human trafficking in the the U.S. and the fact that those especially affected are often children.  They also distributed a pamphlet on their yearly fundraiser "Love Runs" from NorthRidge Church and the programs targeted by the proceeds. 
Check it out  at:
Ansel was our Sergeant today. His program focused on short story telling of a golfing favorite memory or a "happy dollar" memory.  President John got a shot at the 50/50 only to miss it by one card (2 of hearts).  Excellent Italian beef ravioli was on the menu today.