Posted by Ansel Dooley
Topic Today: "Presentation to Club on World Polio Day from Canton Township Supervisor Pat Williams"
Pat Williams 2016
John Kowalski opened our meeting on time today and we had the following short announcements:
  • Members are reminded that the Kids Against Hunger meeting is coming up a week from Saturday.  Meet early no later than 10:45am.
  • Next Monday is our first evening Meeting (more social less biz.).
  • See the scheduled events and speakers here on this web page for the latest updates.
Our honorary Canton club member Canton Township Supervisor Pat Williams was our guest speaker today as he brought a certificate of thanks to the club in the support of World Polio Day.
Check out the Township of Canton's Government and Services Web site at:
Bill T. was our Sergeant today and the club learned some good Michigan history.  Larry O. felt lucky and took an unsuccessful shot the Ace with only 22 cards.  Pizza today.