Posted by Susan Kowalski on Nov 12, 2018

Today Ansel told us all about what he does at work. 
Ansel is a technical specialist for Yazaki North America in the Canton location.  In addition to his regular duties at his home location in Michigan, he also travels a bit and even visited the Rotary Club of Tokyo, where they warmly hosted him with Japanese to English translation for the presentations made there back in 2016.  Here is one of his photos from his sightseeing in Japan.
He gave the club a classification talk today that illustrated some of the capability of modern engineering software simulation tools that are often used by many companies that design systems with a specific focus on thermal aspects.  This included topics of why thermal analysis is done and how the scope of a study is accomplished, sometimes with a mixture of Finite Element and Computational Fluid Dynamics solvers.   Additional use of simulation for optimization, early pre-prototyping, and concept physics verification were also discussed for several electronic packaging types.  This ranged from the humble connector terminal and wire, to evolved power distribution centers,  to detailed HV electronic system assemblies.
Thank you Ansel for enlightening us about some of your tasks at Yazaki.  Check out their products here at their website.
We also discussed what members will be donating for our upcoming senior citizen basket assembly on December 17th.  We will assemble 75 baskets and so far have individual Kleenex packages, playing cards, batteries, holiday hand towels, oranges, apples, lip balm, hot chocolate, candy, pens, assorted toiletries, and individual bags of potato chips coming.  We're looking forward to putting our baskets together again this year.