Posted by Ansel Dooley on Nov 26, 2018
Today is non other than our 2019-2020 Canton Rotary Board Nomination Meeting.  Where did the time go?


President Elect Lisa Kennedy rang us in on time today.  First, a few short announcements and a check of our calendar feature on this web page for details, addresses, and maps:


  • Dec. 1st - Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Busch's Market in Canton.  Please see Marlette for the list if you have not already signed up.  We do want pairs of two so no one rings alone.  Dress warm.

  • Anyone needing a current rotary theme pin, please see Lisa or Sue.

  • Dec. 17th - Senior Baskets!  Check with Sue if you lost your example list.  We also plan to vote in the board this day.

Lisa was out guest speaker today and she filled us in on the current insurance coverage today that we have for the club including new rules for 2018.  We then had our List of Officers and Nominees for office that currently include:
President 2018-19:  Susan Kowalski
President Elect (2019-2020): Lisa Kennedy
President Nominee (2020-2021): (open but we are looking fondly at Dean if he is brave enough).
Secretary 2018-2019: William Tesen
Treasurer 2018-2019: Susan Kowalski
Administration Chair: Susan Kowalski
Community Service Chair: Pat Williams
Interact Chair: Sarah Maiga
International Service Chair: John Kowalski
Membership Chair: Bill Simmerer
Public Image Chair: Sarah Maiga
Rotary Foundation Chair: Ken Beardsley
Rotaract Chair: Sarah Maiga
RYLA Chair: John Kowalski
Club Service Chair: Dean Clemons
Vocational Chair: Larry Oldford
Youth Exchange Chair: Ansel Dooley
Youth Services Chair: Ansel Dooley
Fundraising Chair: Kevin Davis
Head Sgt.-At-Arms Chair: Bill Brown/Roland Leist
Nominations for the Board of Directors for 2019/2020 are:
President: Lisa Kennedy
Immediate Past President/Treasurer/Director 2019-2020: Susan Kowalski
Director 2019-2020: John Kowalski
Secretary/Director 2019-2020: Bill Tesen
Director 2019-2020: Ansel Dooley
Director 2019-2020: Sarah Maiga
Director 2019-2020: Dean Clemons
Director 2019-2020: Marlette Anquetil
Director 2019-2020: Nathaniel Houghton
We will vote at the December 17th meeting where we will elect the Secretary, Treasurer, President, and 4 Directors.  We are still looking for volunteers for President Elect for 2019/2020 (President in 2020/2021), and President Nominee for 2019/2020 (President in 2021/2022).  Please contact a board member as soon as possible if interested.  Rotary has a great support system for Club Presidents.  You will be mentored and supported.
No win on the 50/50, but the jackpot rises also.  Pizza was our excellent meal today and note that next Monday is an evening Meeting.