Nov 19, 2018
Celebrate Thanksgiving at Cherry Hill School
Potluck with Turkey provided. Sign up list is attached.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Club potluck at Cherry Hill School.  Here's the list of items that members signed up to bring:

John and Sue Kowalski                                    Turkey and Gravy

Lisa Kennedy                                                     Corn Souffle

Ansel Dooley                                                     Pumpkin Pie and 2 drinks

Dean Clemons                                                Pecan Pie

Ken Beardsley                                                Surprise Pie and Whipped Cream

Kevin Davis                                                     Turkey Dressing                       

Bill Brown and guest                                    Napkins and sweet potatoes

Larry Oldford                                                Vegetable Tray

Marlette Anquetil and Laurenne                   Brussel Sprouts Gratin

Bill Tesen                                                        Rolls and Butter

Pat Williams                                                     Lasagna

Roland Leist                                                     Cranberry Sauce