Posted by Susan Kowalski on Mar 10, 2018
On March 10th the District 6400 Youth Exchange Students met for lunch and a special International dessert tasting party.
This year District 6400 has seven Youth Exchange students from around the world.  These students enjoy getting together and sharing their experiences with each other and with our Rotarians.  On March 10th the students, along with their host parents, District 6400 DG Rick Caron, and Rotarians from The Canton Rotary Club gathered at the Cherry Hill School for a luncheon of Lee's fried chicken with all the sides and dessert provided by the students.  All of the students were asked to bring a dessert representative of their home country with enough portions for everyone to try a taste.  We had seven delicious deserts, and the tastes were full sized servings!  After lunch the students and adults went to the Bartlett-Travis House for a tour.  This is an historical home built in the 1840's, moved to a special historical district in the Township in 1988, and renovated and restored to its original condition.  It is now used for parties and Township events, as well as being available for guided tours.  After touring the home, the students had an opportunity to view old farm equipment in the historic barn on the property.  The students and adults enjoyed the afternoon and the Rotary fellowship.  Thanks to all of the host parents for providing transportation and helping the students prepare their dessert.