Posted by Susan Kowalski on Jul 29, 2019
Today we welcomed our speaker Paula Talbot from the Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club.  Paula talked about our Rotary 4-Way Test and the project that her Club took on to help people fighting addiction in her community and surrounding communities. 
Today we opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and our Invocation.  The restaurant was super speedy with lunch today, and we enjoyed pizza, salad, and pasta as soon as we finished our opening ceremony.  After lunch Lisa introduced Paula Talbot from the Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club.  Paula serves as the Dean of Assistant Governors for our District 6400.  She is very involved in her Club and, as a result, she took our Rotary 4-Way Test on the road to a local substance abuse center.  She and her fellow Rotarians thought that maybe the 4-Way Test could help people who were experiencing life struggles.  When they visited the center they were offered the chance to put up a poster of the 4-Way Test where the women who resided there could see it.  However, they decided that was not enough.  So, they baked cookies, gathered their 4-Way Test Banner, and took their idea on the road.  They spent an evening telling these women who were working to recover from addition and all its problems about the 4-Way Test and how to apply it to their lives.  The 4-Way Test makes reference to "of the things we think, say, and do: 1)  Is it the Truth? 2)  Is it Fair to all concerned?  3) Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?  4)  Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?"  Paula and her team stressed that it is not just what we say or what we do, but it starts with what we think.  She talked about some of the lives that they have changed - how one woman said she started thinking about her addiction and how it was NOT fair to her kids.  These ladies never even read (much less saw) the 4-Way Test poster that hung in their facility.  But now, they understood the principles of the 4-Way Test and how to apply that test to their lives.  The team from Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club has now presented this program several times to recovering women in this facility.  Some of these women are from the Windsor area, but many are from around Canada.  Thank you Paula for touching so many lives for the better and for sharing this work with us.