Posted by Ansel Dooley on Dec 11, 2017
Today the club built it's senior Baskets for December 2017 and had it's nominations for 2018.
John Kowalski started our meeting today on time and we had the TV side room today.
The following are a few announcements:
  • Dean Clemons made his application to join our club today, and he filled us in on his history in Canton and background.
  • The club assembled senior bags today and the new folding bag techniques worked very effectively in our improvised assembly line.  We assembled a total of 55 bags for delivery to the Meals on Wheels Senior Citizen recipients of Canton Township.
  • Members are asked to consider their Area 5 Ghana School Project personal donation list should they want to contribute as individuals to the school as well.
  • Note that we have a road trip Friday Dec. 15th to Plymouth noon Rotary Club next that will include a traditional holiday afternoon concert there with lunch.  Also, the next meeting will be at 6:00pm for our Christmas Rotary Club dinner to finish out the year of 2017.
  • See the scheduled events and speakers here on this web page for the latest updates.
Nominations for the Club Board of Directors were today.  The following include our slates voted:
  • Club Board 2018:  Sue (Pres.), Bill T.(Sec.), Sue (Treas.), John (Past Pres.), Kevin, Lisa, Bill S., and Ansel.
  • Foundation Board 2018:  Ken (Pres.), Bill T. (Sec.), Ansel (Treas.), Bill B., Sue, and Larry O.
Fresh pasta with tomato sauce today.
We wish all of our Rotary family and all of our friends a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.  Just a reminder that our next meeting will be on December 8th at noon at Antonio's.