Posted by Ansel Dooley on Jan 22, 2018
Our guest speaker today was our own member Abe from the Canton Township to talk to us about projects in the parks.
President John Kowalski is at another function today, so we had Bill Tesen start our meeting today.   The following are a few announcements:
  • The District Meet the Governor Elect meeting is coming up on the 22th of February in Southgate.  Just let John or Sue know if members can go.
  • The Canton Chamber of Commerce Meeting is on Jan. 24th at the Summit.  Members are welcome to go and the fee is just $25 for lunch and club will refund members.
Abe Vinitski was our guest speaker today.  He presented several new project proposals, layouts,  and cost estimates to the club for the Township Park that included relaxation stations, bottle water filling stations, and new tree emplacements.  We had a good Q&A session following that included additional plans for water sources, strategic long term care of the new items, national park certification that is well in progress there, and even a possible bench for the club.
Stay tuned as there will be some changes and updates this year for the Liberty Fest.  It promises to be the largest in 2018 yet and we will have some related topics to discuss at the next board meeting for advanced planning on Monday the 29th.  Also note to members, let John K know your preference for passport visits (see his sheets and let him know Monday).