Posted by Ansel Dooley on Dec 16, 2019
Today we assembled senior gift bags reaching our target of 80 and elected club officers for 2020 and beyond.

President Lisa Kennedy started our meeting on time here at the Canton Summit in Heritage Park.  

We inducted ShaVonna Johnson who is one of the four alternate members of our Corporate member, Wayne Westland School Community District.  We had a carryin luncheon from Panera while Lisa caught the club up on current events.  This included some Kennedy good time stories on storing some Journey to Housing items for the Rotary, a thank you card for 2019 from the Optimist club, a Camp Able thank you, RYLA 2019 year end news and thanks, and a special thank you from Pat Williams for the club helping out on the Canton Cares Program.  

The club then held Elections for officers for the 2020/2021 Rotary year.  The approved slate for 2020-2021 is as follows:

  Incoming President-Sue Kowalski (2020-2021)
  President Elect (2021-2022)- Bill Simmerer
  President Nominee (2022-2023)- Barry Burnham
  Secretary-Bill Tesen
  Treasurer-Nate Houghton
  Past President (2020-2021)-Lisa Kennedy
  Dean Clemons
  Doug Morrison
  Ansel Dooley.

Thank you to the current club board as they guide us through 2019-2020 and we look forward to a right good new year in 2020.  The club then gathered to assemble the 80 senior gift bags. 

This concluded our last club meeting for calendar year 2019.  Make sure to watch out for the Rotary float if members watch the rose bowl parade in 2020.

Note our next meeting will be as follows:

  Jan. 6th - Evening Meeting at LA Bistro.

Happy New Year!