Posted by Susan Kowalski on May 18, 2020
Lisa announced the Salvation Army upcoming food drive today as we met on Zoom and heard from Nikkia Matthews and Lorraine Zaksek from Journey to Housing.  Each member also updated us about something positive during the current quarantine.
We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer.  Lisa announced the upcoming Salvation Army food drive on June 10 - 12, 2020, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Please see the circular above for more information or the "Community Flyers".  Our guests today were Iqbal Bhan, Nikkia Mathews from Journey to Housing, and Lorraine Zaksek from Journey to Housing.  Nikkia spoke to us about her background and her work at Journey to Housing. She is a clinical social worker, a Professor at Wayne State University, has her own non-profit "Purposeful Youth Detroit", and she is the Director of Journey to Housing.  Journey to Housing has taken on five new families since February.  Unfortunately, housing plans have slowed down for now because of Covid 19.  Lorraine told us that the family that we helped to move into their new apartment in December is doing well, and the family now has a new grandson.  We will stay in contact with Journey to Housing and hope to help future families.    
Each member updated us with a positive happening in their lives in the past few weeks.  Pat informed us that crime and fire runs are down in the township, and the covid spread is slowing.  Bill S said he and his family are holding weekly Zoom meetings.  Ansel and Victoria enjoyed a weekend trip to J & S Gardens in Rockwood.  Lorraine had the opportunity to see all of her five grandchildren over the weekend.  Amanda has enjoyed seeing people coming together and being kind to each other.  John finished fixing the bumper pool table and is now ready to give it to his daughter's family.  Sue has enjoyed baking, especially for the kids and grandkids.  Barry invited his kids and grandkids over for a driveway bonfire and pizza.  Iqbal is thankful that his friends and family worldwide are safe and much easier to talk to as they are now always home.  Ken is glad to be back enjoying golf.  Dean spends more time with his dog and has observed that everyone is more patient these days.  Nikkia recently drove by all the 30 homes and greeted the people there remotely whom she is mentoring.  Bill T got a haircut from Mary B.  Bill B is grateful for the cooking skills he learned over the years from his wife and 3 daughters and is putting those skills to use as he cooks some of his own meals.  Lisa is enjoying time at home to cook, and she colored her own hair.  It looks great!
We will be starting up the Sergeant's Program again, and those who are remotely fined will be billed monthly.  Dean has 1,000 bars of soap that he will donate to "Days for Girls", and Lisa has material that she will donate.  
There is no meeting next week.  We hope everyone has a relaxing and meaningful Memorial Day.