Posted by Susan Kowalski on Dec 06, 2019
On Friday, December 6th, a few members from our Club transported the contents of our first Kitchen Box to the new apartment of our first recipient.  Shown here is Bill Tesen with a trunk full of kitchen supplies.
Volunteers from Journey To Housing (an affiliate of St. Vincent de Paul) were on hand to help set up the apartment and move the family in.  Volunteers from J2H are shown above stocking the kitchen cupboards.  These volunteers moved in food for the kitchen pantry, furniture, new mattresses, living room furniture, dining room furniture, bathroom necessities, and other items.  As listed in the article from December 5th, the Canton Rotary Club provided all of the kitchen necessities, such as dishes, glasses, silverware, pots and pans, coffee pot, crock pot, kitchen knives, colander, can opener, and all of the other items that are needed to operate a family kitchen.  Thank you Journey To Housing volunteers for all that you do to help these working homeless families to become productive and independent members of the community.  And thanks to all of our Canton Rotary members for the work which you did to support this project.  Also, thank you to the staff at Kennedy Nemier Insurance Agency who got together and purchased Christmas gifts for the family.  The gifts are pictured below around the family's Christmas tree.