Posted by Susan Kowalski on Feb 05, 2018
On February 5th The Canton Rotary Club met at Antonio's for an evening of fellowship and the introduction of the "Acts of Kindness" program for the month of February. 
During the month of February each member will be given a small amount of money from the Sergeant's Program to use to perform an act of kindness in the community.  Examples are buying a cup of coffee for someone behind you in line at the coffee shop or maybe buying a children's book and giving it to a teacher, asking the teacher to give it to a child who needs recognition.  Members are asked to be creative and use their imagination, keep it simple, and have fun with the project.  To quote Past Rotary President Bichai Ratakul, "It is the role of Rotarians to make kinder the face of the nation, and gentler the way of the world."