Posted by Susan Kowalski on Feb 10, 2020
Today Dr. Jessie Potter from Canton Chiropractic spoke to our Club on digestion and the "gut to brain" relationship.  Dr. Potter's goal is "to help as many people as possible through health education."  She talked about heartburn and "symptoms vs. cause", the liver and gall bladder and their functions in the body, how stress can shut off the digestive function, how antibiotics indiscriminately kill good bacteria, probiotics, nutrition, and the ill effects of sugar - just 300 calories of sugar can decrease the immune system up to 50% for 2 hours.  Thank you for your very informative presentation Dr. Potter.  
Guests today were Karen Parks from Experimac and Charlotte Tarwacki from the Wayne Rotary Club.  Our Sergeant today was Ken Beardsley.