Posted by Ansel Dooley on Jan 27, 2020
The Canton Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Paden is our guest speaker and it is also Pizza Day at the LA Bistro today.
John Kowalski started us off on time today on behalf of Lisa, and Sue shared a few updates.
Just a few club notes first:
  • Feb. 24th - Rotary's 115 "B-Day'  A celebration is planned and Lisa will be working to get flyers going.
  • Mar. 2nd - Evening Meeting.
  • Mar. 6th - Review of the Safety Project for the School System that was the basis of our club grant.  We will meet at the Plymouth Noon Rotary Club on Friday (Plymouth Cultural Center). 
  • March 12 - 14 - President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) in Kalamazoo.
Thomas took the podium early and filled in the club on activities planned this Winter and Spring in Canton Township.  This included some of the following topics:
  • The Workforce Innovation Alliance to help with the talent shortage in our area and the representation of manufacturing partners.
  • Manufacturing Day - this will be the 4th year that this program is offered to high school students.  Originally launched at the Township Hall with 400 high school students attending.  Top areas covered by this program are IT, health care, business and finance, and hospitality.  Healthcare partners this year are Beaumont and St. Joe's.  Speakers will talk about pathways to jobs in their area.
  • The formation of Focus Groups for future labor training and education.
  • 21st Century Talent via the Advisory Council
  • Made in Michigan CEO Speaker Breakfast - Feb. 18th (see flyer or web site,  The Canton Rotary Club is sponsoring a student table at this event for 7 students and one of our members.
  • Canton Peoples Choice Awards with Chanel 4.  This is a business awards luncheon.
  • Feb. 27th - Non profit round table for area non-profit organizations.
We thank Thomas for visiting us today and do check out the web site for details above and current activities in the Township.
Nate got a shot at the 50/50, but too many were in the stack today, and Ken improvised as our good sargent today to collect some good stories.
Have a great week everyone and enjoy the most excellent warm winter weather today!